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What can Chiropractic Care do for YOU? By Craig de Groot, Chiropractor at Willow Brook Clinic

We are designed and put together differently. Some people are designed to run, some to lift and some to row. I know someone who never stops. Over the years he has help build several houses and has fixed many cars. He does distance bike riding. He helps with his grandkids and loves gardening.

He hit a barrier recently we did too much activity and a short space of time, not giving himself sufficient recovery time and not stretching. Suddenly back pain was a major issue. Fortunately this did not slow him down for long. He saw me, his Chiropractor, for a immediate treatment to fix the problem and get him moving again. This was followed by a series of treatments to keep him moving, an exercise programme and the realisation that he needs to be aware of his physical capabilities and how to best to manage his wellbeing.

If you sometimes overdo it too, you may be wondering how you can keep your body healthy and avoid pain. Here are some chiropractic tips to help you function well and eliminate pain promptly.

When you encounter pain, make an appointment to see Alex or I for a diagnosis and early treatment to relieve the pain with drugs or surgery. Many people run into pain through stress or ‘overdoing it’, lifting heavy objects or periods of inactivity followed by too much activity.

Set up regular chiropractic appointments to maintain a healthy body balance so you can be as active as you want to be. Whatever your role, as a runner, golfer, parents or weekend warrior, regular chiropractic visits will help you to keep your body ready for the next challenge. When the body has properly aligned and maintained, injuries tend to heal faster.

Alex and I have a selection of treatment modalities in our toolkit to enable your recovery, including manipulation, massage, dry needling and myofascial release. We will give you the correct exercises for your rehabilitation, suited to your lifestyle and ability, to help strengthen you so that your injury doesn’t reoccur.

If you sometimes do too much too fast let us provide a quick effective diagnosis and treatment with a plan for avoiding future injuries.

Get well stay well


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