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Summer Feet

Updated: May 28, 2020

At last a promise of sunshine! We can pack away our winter boots and thick warm socks! We can think about our summer holidays! Beach, sun and sandals! Or does the thought of summer sandals fill you with dread?

They carry us more than 150,000 miles in a lifetime, but we rarely give our poor, hard-worn feet any thought. That's until the sun starts shining - and we ditch our coats and dig out our summer footwear.

So after 6 months of scrunching them into winter boots, sweating them out in trainers and squeezing them into high heels, it’s time to repay our feet with a little TLC.

A seasonal makeover is an excellent way to introduce a more regular regime for looking after our feet. Think quarterly MOT for feet!

From aches and pains to smells and fungal problems, corns, blisters and more serious infections – foot problems are no laughing matter.

Sometimes, these foot conditions can also lead to further health difficulties, affecting the hips, knees and back. Foot problems can also lead to self-esteem issues and mobility can be affected.

As ever, prevention is key.

Regular maintenance will help prevent problems and keep your feet healthy. It’s the simple things - like careful foot hygiene, exercise and the correct footwear that make a difference. Inspect your feet for cuts, discolouration and cracks - early discovery makes problems easier to treat.

Just as winter threatens hazards such as sweaty feet and confinement, summer offers its own complications for our feet. In the warmer weather, our feet can swell, so make sure there is plenty of room and adjust your shoes if necessary. Wearing sandals or flip-flops can often create ridges of hard skin or callus’ around the heels. Flip-flops are not designed for prolonged use. They offer no support - ideal for around the pool or on the beach, but not great for a day out shopping. Use a good moisturiser to keep your feet soft and your skin supple.

Seek the help of a qualified foot health practitioner if you have any concerns about your feet.

Get well, stay well

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